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What to do for on the job injury

1. Immediately report accident/injury to supervisor.(Inform the Union also).


2. Complete form CA-1: check off COP (Continuation of Pay).


3. Retain copy for yourself.


4. YOU choose your own MD for treatment, not the USPS. If your MD is not

available, you may choose an ER for treatment. The USPS may only take you to their provider after the above choices are made. If you do not choose, or if your MD is not available, the USPS will take you to their MD.


5. Be sure your MD is your "MD of Record" with OWCP. Whoever is listed will be the MD of record and cannot be changed without approval.


6. Treating MD must be given Forms CA-16 (authorization) & CA-17 (Duty Status Report) to complete ASAP. Advise your MD that time is critical in returning forms.


7. The USPS may not contact your MD via phone.


8. CA-17 must be specific regarding your limitations, if any, and covered dates.


9. Lost time will be reimbursed for up to 45 calender days after which a claim for compensation can be made.


10. Use Form CA-7 to file a claim for compensation for lost time after 45 days, or for time off due to therapy, etc. Also for any leave buy-back.


11. Keep copies for all paperwork. Time is of the essence. Read the instructions on each of the forms.